From the old traditions and secret recipes of Mughals, Awadh & Nizams we bring you the most authentic taste of ethnicities. From Delicious Biryani, Korma, karahis, kabobs, seafood, and vegetarian dishes to Chana bhatura and brunch, we have a wide range of food for you.
Unlike other food makers, we do not serve our customers’ frozen food.
Whether an order of small plater or large catering orders, we take our time and prepare each of them with freshness and care. We proudly serve hand cut zabiha halal meat.

Our services:

Dining in: We hold ample space for 100+ seating in our restaurant.

Hosting a party: Our Restaurant is always all ready to host a party of 100+ guests. Please call us to inquire about the party reservations and prices.

Catering: Where quantity is not the limit. If you need catering for 20 guests or 200 Guests or even 2000 guests, we will be happy to offer catering services.