**Imran S

good place to eat Indian Pakistani halal food.
What I like most is he prepares everything fresh. Not like typical restaurants that serves frozen food. Have patience to enjoy good food


**Eric R

Incredible chicken Kabobs, so much flavor. The rice is really the star of the show, I’ve never had rice that tasted so delicious. The Chana Masala is an excellent side and the chicken kabobs were melt in your mouth tender. Throw all that together in Naan that is literally hot off the press , and you’ve got yourself an incredible Meal. Looking forward to returning for round two.


**Dwayne M

Lamb kabobs melting like butter while I was eating them. Chickpeas compliment it nicely. I will be returning.


**Waheed B

Very tasty lamb chops. Good food and the owner is super nice. Call ahead to make sure they are open though since they might close the restaurant to cater for big events, especially on the weekends.


**Dominique O

This place is fantastic! Convenient rates, considerable portions and the staff are always nice.


**Dave H

Staff was friendly, my #5 Lamb Chop Meal was so good. Chops were flavorful, the Naan Bread was freshly made and Fluffy, the Rice and Chick Pea side dish were perfection. More food than I could eat in one sitting. The price is appropriate for the quality and quantity served. I’ll be back. 😋


**Norma F

We came on Friday night to have a family dinner. @ Famous Kabob. Food was delicious, good price, clean place to eat, and the owner is the best.100% we recommended.


**Ashey V

The food is consistently fresh and yummy, staff members hands over great service. I really like the cleanliness and mood. Will visit here again.


**Yousuf S

one of the best halal restaurants I’ve been to, the menu is quite exuberant, quality and quantity of the order for prices which are very reasonable. fantastic menus for platters with fresh veggies and breads. The owner of the place is very kind and serves you with a smile.


**Atiq J

Amazing food, amazing service, super friendly staff. We love eating here, a true gem and hole in the wall type place. Calling the food delicious is such an understatement! Lamb, butter chicken, kabobs, everything is so fresh, authentic, and a treat for the tastebuds


**Ayman S.

Stopped to grab a bite on our trip. Cuisine is authentic and was very good. Naan was made fresh and owners were very friendly. Would definitely recommend.


**h k

The food is so good, I just keep going back over and over again. Just can’t get enough of that flavor, everything I’ve tried is sooooOOO good, the chef has some type of magic in his hands!! This place has authentic Karahi and tikka.